Listen: Italia 90 Share New Single ‘Leisure Activities’

So, the cost of living continues to rise. If you’re feeling the bite at the moment, then forget Martin Lewis; here are some real tips to get you through.

Perhaps you should cancel your Netflix subscription, lay-off the avocado and just bring back the economical toast sandwiches. Whilst you’re at it, stop with all the smoking and drinking, or anything that can be used for the slightest escape from the mundane, monstrous world we seem to live in.

Jumping headfirst into their debut album, London punks Italia 90 unleash their latest infuriated single: ‘Leisure Activities’. Loaded with corrosive rage, Italia 90 burns a spotlight into the faces of bands that spout their distorted perception of the working class. They are done playing nice; lampooning this idiotic notion that “people choose to be in the position they’re in” – rather than seeing it as the failures of the broken system they are subjugated to.

The almost mechanical ticking of drums, layered on top of haunting textures and snarling vocals, douses this two-act story in nail-biting tension. As the venom-spitting guitar thrashing emerges, the whole single seems to erupt in a volcanic outburst. Echoing the sounds of The Murder Capital and Gang of Four, Italia 90 beautifully cast us into sonic despair once again.

Photo by Jake Ollett

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