Listen: J Mahon Releases New Single ‘Pet Cemetery’

The product of a new beginning arrives on our doorstep as J Mahon (FKA Emerson Snowe) embarks on another chapter in his musical career with this self-reflecting melody.

There’s a heartwarming, humble energy immersed in this track as Jarrod Mahon talks through the magical wonders of life to an aesthetically low-fi tune. Exploring the barriers between age and youth makes for a uniquely relatable feeling and an honest discussion about appreciating what’s right in front of you. Taken from his yet-to-come debut album, ‘Everything Has A Life’, the song diverts to personal experiences as the artist describes that the single is “about being present and understanding the beauty you have around you”.

If you can imagine the love child between Mac DeMarco and Sparklehorse, then this would be what you’re left with. There’s an undeniable image of this being a trailblazer once the warmer weather hits for, as we can see from the music video, the feel-good rhythm promotes a head-bopping, dazed sensation that’s difficult to stray away from.

The lines between romanticism and the unearthing of intimate memoirs are seamlessly blurred as we learn that the lyrics come straight from the pages of Mahon’s diary, where love, loneliness, dreams, and dependency are met with romantic hope, faith, and fear. An affection of open-hearted nostalgia bursts through the strings and the recurring motif of “I’m around a wonderful life” further illustrates a sense of pride in this different direction. We’re ready to see what this new era of growth for J Mahon contains as we now countdown for what the rest of 2023 has to offer.

“Only you are responsible for the growth you make and being able to analyse your own past and to properly move forward to change your own life”.

J Mahon plays We Are So Young 22 on 25.4.23 at Sebright Arms, London. Free tickets here.

Photo by Miriam Marlene

Video by Milton

The new issue of So Young is out now. You can purchase in print here or read the digital edition below.