Watch: Japanese Television share video for new track ‘Bruno’s Nightmare’

London psych-seekers Japanese Television release ‘Bruno’s Nightmare’, the third single off of their sought-after EP II (via Tip Top Recordings). 

You know that one person at a gig who always seems to just have that bit more fun and in doing so puts everyone else’s to participation shame? Surely, you’ve seen the type- characteristically thin, wears a purple suit with dusty white face paint, boogies like a trapped mosquito in a jam- jar and most likely goes by the name Brian, AKA. The Doctor? If yes, congratulations you’ve survived another night with JTV but if no, maybe you’re in the wrong circles mate and now’s your chance to redeem yourself.

‘Bruno’s Nightmare’ is a jaunting-ly driven instrumental number. A little bit kraut-ish in chug but equally surfed in travel, there’s an anxiety to the track that lends to the same level of panic as a morning-after soul who, having just woken up dazed and confused in a Hackney Wick Warehouse, has both forgotten and reminisced there’s a grotty-brick-wall-less world outside in which, an escape is optional. 

With a propelling disconnect to both rhythm and star alike that spins alluringly like, in the words of director/ JTV drummer Alistair Brown; “a being from another dimension.” If ‘psychonautic illusions’ are your groove and you’re not afraid to totally cut-loose, then all that’s left to say is welcome to the nightmare.