Listen: Jerkcurb releases title track from debut album ‘Air Con Eden’

If all the nocturnal dwellers of the deep ocean bed were to host a disco for lovers and lull-ers in an underwater mall made of glass, complete with a colgate gleaming disco ball and an underlying air of disconnection, South-East London based Jerkcurb (Jacob Read), might be the last-waltz scorer of choice. 

The multi-disciplinary artist’s latest single ‘Air Con Eden’ (released via Handsome Dad Records) is seaweed swirling airy with a touch of paradisal lonesomeness- the kind where a creature might well get swept up inside one’s own mind-maze forecourts. Lingered layers of Americana lo-fi and turquoise lit crooned calm are all coated in his signature silvered layers of haze before being smoothed through a nostalgia dappled wonderland with the same comfort level of warm oat milk.

Simultaneously melancholic and dreamily delightful, Air Con Eden will in no time leave you feeling rested but wanting more.

Header photo by Harry Brafman