Watch: Jerskin Fendrix returns with the ominous ‘Black Hair’

Jerskin Fendrix is a hyper-realised character born of the modern day – feeding off of today’s culture and warping it into the performative and deftly uncomfortable pertinence that wallows within.

‘Black Hair’ is particularly poignant in its relevance, striking in its oscillating and constantly transfiguring nature but constantly at the direct forefront – wrapping their taut, winking statements in blankets of discordant synth.

Sinister in its foundations, it’s disconcerting just how unsettled it is, slyly hinting at grasping onto something melodically attractive before losing itself in another twisting, uncompromising stab of synth.

The poetic surrealism weaves into something even more anxious. An exploration into our vapid latching and feeding off of different cultures – that perhaps may be popular at the time – leads into a reflection on our own loneliness like a modern day horror story that’s all too real.

A mystifying example of experimental pop from a constantly evolving artist.

Header photo by Liam Noonan