Listen: Jockstrap Share ‘Glasgow’ and Announce Debut Album

Jockstrap duo return with new single ‘Glasgow’ and announce debut album ‘I Love You Jennifer B’, out via Rough Trade on the 9th September.

With each Jockstrap release one can expect the unexpected. If they haven’t proved this up until now, then ‘Glasgow’ is sure to affirm this for all. Vastly different in style to anything released previously, and all the more special for it, Jockstrap continue to excite me more than any other duo today.

Having traversed countless different genres throughout the band’s existence, such as techno, electro pop, mainstream pop, trip-hop and even avant-garde minimalism (such as I got the impression from Georgia’s collaboration with Jamie XX back in May 2020), it only seems suitable that their new single stretches even further from established norms. Although ‘Glasgow’ may not attract Paris Fashion Week attention like previous release ‘50/50’ did (used by Stella McCartney), or be picked up by Chanel, this single transcends far beyond the limitations of creating exclusively for a consumer audience or succumbing to a specific trend.

However, these are not artists who seek out the subversive for the sake of it. Quite on the contrary: their continually changing musical style is a testimony to an approach to creativity where elements are left to fall into place organically rather than artificially. ‘Glasgow’ feels much more rural than urban, the latter being one of the main themes throughout Jockstrap’s discography. This track almost leaves behind the mercurial impression of previous releases such as ‘Concrete Over Water’, and focusses more on very earthly, subtle folk melodies and unavoidably relatable lyrics. ‘Glasgow’ also feels even more raw and exposed than previous tracks because of its video – nothing is fabricated, it cannot hide behind impressive production effects. It feels totally real, as if we are getting a glimpse into a deeply personal world. We are totally absorbed.

It would seem reductive to try and attempt an interpretation of the meaning of Georgia’s lyrics, which she has previously described as ‘almost overbearingly emotional’. The ambiguity and intrigue of Ellery’s lyrics are precisely a product of these subjective emotional experiences which only she is and should be aware of. This is what makes Jockstrap’s music so intoxicating, because the dynamic between Ellery and Skye is an amalgamation of various different and (positively) contrasting musical aesthetics. Their music is always unpredictable, continually genre-bending and adamantly unique. This single is fantastic (an adjective I scarcely use), and I have no doubt that the record will be equally, if not more impressive.

We caught up with Jockstrap in Issue Thirty-Six of So Young. You can grab a copy in print here or read the digital edition here.

Jockstrap in So Young Issue Thirty-Six

Header photo by Eddie Whelan. Magazine illustration by Cameron JL West.

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