Listen: John Myrtle Shares ‘Get Her Off My Mind’ via Sad Club Records

Thank you winter, it’s been a gooden. Scratch that. You’ve been hell on earth and where the heck is springtime? As expectant sun rays peak their heads tentatively around grey-shaded clouds, is there anyone who can tease them prematurely out of hiding? The answer is profusely – yes, in the form of baroque-popper John Myrtle and his latest sonic sunburst ‘Get Her Off My Mind’. 

Putting a sparky spring back in your step one happy-go-lucky groove at a time, the single has all the trimmings of an old school 60s pop number. In good company with the likes of The Kinks and The La’s, the track is a no-frills celebration of hopeless romanticism. With a tidal wave of bright-eyed chord progressions, and that warm and fuzzy feel you could only get from using a vintage tape recorder, Myrtle reigns effortlessly appealing and leaves you smiling ear to ear. 

Having parked the single on the back burner for quite some time, Myrtle comments: “This song was written a long time ago and has stayed with me throughout the years, so to finally give it a release is both exciting and relieving! I remember I was listening to a lot of The Beach Boys at the time and just a lot of classic 60s pop, which I guess is what I listen to anyway. Here though, I wanted to do a song that was just a very simple, catchy 3-minute pop song, like a Monkees track or something!” 

To my fellow 90s kids – if you remember that sweet sugar rush from munching on a couple of blue smarties at breaktime, then ‘Get Her Off My Mind’ is a similar taste of the ‘good stuff’. If you’re craving a little dose of sunshine early this year, then the bright-sided Londoner’s got you covered. 

Photo by Jody Evans

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