Cagework release ‘Modesty’ from upcoming debut album

Cagework grabbed our attention with single ‘Simmer’ last year and they’re back with a new single called ‘Modesty’. The track comes from the self titled debut album which we can expect on July 5th. In ‘Modesty’, frontman, Samuel Bedford and co deliver the intensity and obscurities that we’ve come to expect in the short time we’ve known the band. And its with that short time that an album seems as immediate as their music, but the band aren’t concerned by that. “It seems strange to want to draw a line under such a short period of time, considering we’ve been a band for less than a year,” says Bedford. “But we were looking ahead and really wanted to have these songs documented, with so many more being written all the time.”

Listen to ‘Modesty’ above and add to your playlists via the link below.