Emerson Snowe releases video for new single ‘Human’

Brisbane’s Emerson Snowe has been one of our new favourites for a while now. Since booking him for one of his first ever London show’s, Emerson Snowe has gone from strength to strength, earning himself on line ups such as SXSW in Austin, Texas and Brighton’s Great Escape Festival. Today he’s dropped a video for his new single ‘Human’ which comes as the first track from a new EP titled ‘That’s Rock n Roll’ which is due in May.

Speaking about the track, Emerson Snowe adds “A lot of my recent tracks were written as if I’m talking to only one person specifically. Unlike my other songs this is me talking to more than one person; it’s to my parents and trying to understand the relationship I have with them and how it co-aligns with who I am. I have always been quite aware of how I always self-sabotage and I feel it is coming back into my life more recently – but now that I have more of a goal I’m starting to see and feel beautiful things. I’m glad I’m here.”

Watch the video above and add to your playlists below. We’ve added ‘Human’ to The So Young List on Spotify which you can find here.