feeble little horse Share New Single ‘Steamroller’

Track: feeble little horse – ‘Steamroller’

Pittsburgh’s rising noise pop quartet return with their propulsive new single from their much anticipated new album, ‘Girl with Fish’, out 9th June. With a combination of wryly truthful vocals and an incredibly catchy hook, the track preludes to why these guys are one of the US’s ones to watch right now.

What They Said: “It’s a shame song overall.”

“It’s my most embarrassing song to sing. When I played Lydia the first voice memo she liked how clicky the guitar sounded so I recorded a track through my iPhone for the intro. Also, when we were working on vocals, I was like I think you should go ‘yeah’ in the pause after the chorus and she was thinking the same thing, really good sync energy that day.”

“When the song was first laid out, I saw it was like 3.5 minutes and I was like ‘Are y’all sure you wanna release a song that long?'”

“We wrote it while I was sick. I also remember asking Seb if I could do a guitar solo on this one (something we rarely do) and he said yes and I was happy.”

Label: Saddle Creek

Photo Credit: Micah E. Wood

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