IDLES release animated video for ‘Never Fight A Man With A Perm’

Bristol’s IDLES have celebrated selling out their biggest headline show ever at Alexandra Palace by releasing a video for album favourite ‘Never Fight A Man With A Perm’. The animated clip is illustrated by So Young favourite, Russell Taysom and takes us back to Street Fighter and the like, as frontman Joe Talbot faces Barry Biffa and Timmy the Thyroid as his bandmates watch on. The frankly gruesome exchanges are what we’d expect from Taysom and whilst Joe, conventionally wins his first bout, the All Is Love narrative is restored as he kisses and makes up with Etonian Timmy and his sausage hands before meeting Gandhi and the rest of the band in heaven. And by kiss, we mean some good tongue action. Watch the video above and add the track to your playlists via the link below.

Writer & Director: Al Brown

Illustration: Russell Taysom

Animation & DOP: Stella Belle Hex