Island of Love Release New Single ‘Fed Rock’

Track: Island of Love – ‘Fed Rock’

Another bedroom punk anthem is on the horizon from this London-based trio, promoting a rowdy 3 minutes of good fun and head-banging rhythms. Accompanying the launch of the single is a homespun DIY caper and the release of their self-titled debut album on 12th May.

Album: ‘Island of Love’ (Out 12.05.23)

Label: Third Man Records

What They Said: “We wrote this song about a lot of the bands we were seeing around us when we first started gigging in London. It was one of the first songs written for the album and has always been a highlight of our set, and I think the faster pace of the song reflects the time it was written – the summer when we played our very first shows. We all felt this new creeping influence of bands like Thin Lizzy and Ramones which gave Fed Rock a different energy while having a song in the set that said what we felt about certain bands we played alongside always made playing with them that little bit more bearable.”

Tour Dates:

16th March – The Lubber Fiend, Newcastle, UK
17th March – Delicious Clam, Sheffield, UK
18th March – Outpost, Liverpool. UK
19th March – Aatma, Manchester, UK
30th March – Clermont Fest, Clermont FR
13th April – VOL, Barcelona, ES
14th April – Le Ravelin, Toulouse, FR
15th April – Chinastraat, Ghent, BE
16th April – Le Rigoletto, Paris, FR
17th April – Music City, Antwerp, BE
18th April – Vera, Groningen, NL
19th April – Cinetol, Amsterdam, NL
20th April – Autobahn, Berlin, DE
21st April – Ada, Warsaw, PL
23rd April – Underdogs, Prague, CZ
24th April – Venster 99, Vienna, AT
25th April – Cafe XXE, Fribourg, CH
26th April – Monami, Brescia, IT
27th April – L’Intermediaire, Marseille, FR
13th May – Rough Trade East, London, UK

Photo credit: Cole Flynn-Quirke 

The new issue of So Young is out now. You can purchase in print here or read the digital edition below.