Island of Love Share New Double A Side Single and Announce Debut Album

Track: Island of Love – ‘GROW / BLUES 2000’

Album: Island of Love (May 12th)

Label: Third Man Records

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What They Said:

“”Grow” was originally written by me and Linus at my mum’s house. It was probably the first song we ever wrote together, and maybe the most positive song on the Promo Tape? I guess a lot of the lyrics were written with the intention of making each other laugh. The choruses preach typical self-help mantras, and all the verses are filled with nonsense about getting high and listening to Johnny Cash. We fleshed it out fully as a band in 2021 and played it at almost every show we’ve ever done, it has been a band favourite for a while.

“Blues 2000” was formed out of an old riff that we could never turn into a real song, Linus started shredding over it and we moulded it into some ridiculous jam – we’d always play it immediately after “Grow” cause they’re in the same tuning and just bridge it with the Eastenders drum fill. The scream in the middle is done by our friend Joey Drake who fronts a crazy hardcore band called Splitknuckle, we had him say the lyrics to “These Words” by Natasha Bedingfield cause it kind of matched up.”

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