La Sécurité Release Latest Single ‘Serpent’

Track: La Sécurité – ‘Serpent’

The art punk collective prepare for their upcoming album drop later next month with this high-energy dance track, carrying an invitation for a rare freak disco. Accompanied by a five-minute video, the five-piece settle all your rock ‘n’ roll desires with an electric live performance.

What They Said: “This song calls out gossip and drama that occurs in friend groups. The person it is directed towards loves dancing. It’s a pretty dancey song. We hope they dance to it.”

(On the music video) “It all started with a glitch on the videotape. Images from the animated film Sonic intertwined with footage of us performing ‘Serpent’ live. Then, the idea was to create a synchronicity between the sound and different performances captured during SXSW in Texas. An enthralling short film. Guaranteed fun.”

Album: ‘Stay Safe!’ Out June 16th, 2023

Label: Mothland


1. Le Kick
2. Dis-Moi
3. Anyway
4. Waiting For Kenny
5. Suspens
6. K9
7. Serpent
8. Try Again
9. Hot Topic
10. Sleepy Rebellion

Photo Credit: Aabid Youssef

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