Loud & Quiet announce Raffle of the Gods and give you a chance to win big and support DIY music

It’s become a particularly tricky time for independent and DIY music and Loud & Quiet magazine have come up with a small solution called the Raffle of the Gods. Here’s what they have to say about it and what you can win.

You’re probably feeling a little down on your luck at the moment. Here’s something which ultimately won’t change that but might be a nice diversion for a few minutes, until you remember everything’s gone to shit: the inaugural RAFFLE OF THE GODS.

We’ve teamed up with some friends from across the music industry to offer a nice bundle of prizes to one lucky winner. For this first round – more will (hopefully) follow as this crisis lurches on – the prizes are as follows:

Get your (virtual) raffle ticket for £3 via the link below. All proceeds will go to a shared kitty for all of our partners, giving us all some vital cash to hopefully be able to resume normal service post-pandemic. We’ll pick a winner next week. Good luck!

Enter here