Nottingham’s Divorce Share ‘Scratch Your Metal’ and Announce New EP

Track: Divorce – Scratch Your Metal

Nottingham favourites, Divorce have added a synth led banger to their repertoire in ‘Scratch Your Metal’. A track that has all the hooks and dual vocal delights of their previous output, but also gives us a hint towards the groups pop ambitions. Divorce have also celebrated singing to Gravity/EMI by announcing their new EP ‘Heady Metal’. More details on that below.

What They Said: “I think this is probably the closest thing to a love song that’s been written for Divorce. ‘Scratch Your Metal’ means showing the most difficult and sometimes unbearable parts of yourself outwardly, because the sound of something scratching against metal is the most unpleasant noise I can think of. To be earnest, the song is about the duality of relationships, and accepting a partner as flawed and human in the same ways as yourself. It was written on a cheap Casio keyboard at a friend’s I was staying at in London, and it’s Divorce’s own little stab at synth pop banger”

EP: ‘Heady Metal’ Out Nov 17th. Pre Order here.

Label: Gravity/EMI

Photo by Meadow Florence

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