Pregoblin release video for ‘Combustion’

Pregoblin are a band from London made up of Alex Sebley and Jessica Winter. Sebley was a member of The Saudi’s, the group that went on to form Fat White Family and Jessica Winter is a producer who’s worked with the likes of Gorrilaz.

Ahead of their headline show at The Victoria next week, Pregoblin have released a video for their single ‘Combustion’. Jessica sheds some light on the visuals “For me it shows how Pregoblin began and what excites me about our music. Pregoblin is a role reversal, I’m in the producer chair and this video reflects that. When going into a studio the woman often gets told how to sound, how to be. A lot of people will just assume that with a male/female duo, the man does all the music and the girl just sings or looks pretty. We’re challenging that and I think the images of a woman on top of a piano with the man playing the piano then spinning to me playing the piano and Alex on top of the piano perfectly explains this scenario for me.”

Watch above and add to your playlists via the link below.