Sheffield’s Wet Man Shares ‘Swimming with Sharks’ via Desolate Spools

Track: Wet Man – Swimming with Sharks

Pairing DIY post punk roots with electronic beats, Sheffield’s Wet Man unleashes the debut release on Desolate Spools, a Sheffield label with creative leadership from Adrian Flanagan and Dean Honer, whose names you may recognise from The Moonlandingz, Eccentronic Research Council, Acid Klaus and I Monster.

Label: Desolate Spools

What They Said: “Originally the song was about a gameshow host / comedian in the 90s who got in to hot water over a scandal and my nan (as well as the nation) absolutely adored this man because he used to make risky remarks about people on ITV. For me, targeting this person summises attitudes we see amongst politicians and so called ‘infleuencers’. And, although the invite to a pool party sounds great, it will probably end in tears (or blood rather). Now that you have pieced together what I’m talking about, the title now becomes hilarious, but also heeds a warning because we’re gonna need a bigger boat.”
Anything else?: Earlier this year, in response to the “lukewarm indie” of local landmark festival, Tramlines, Wet Man used the lack of invite to take to the high street and perform instead. Paying homage to his ‘sonic forefathers’ Cabaret Voltaire – a group who famously travelled the streets in their van scaring passers by – Wet Man captured his tribute and kindly shared it with us. Watch below.

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