Ugly Make a Welcome Return with Single ‘Hands of Man’

Track: Ugly – Hands of Man

London via Cambridge favourites, Ugly are back with a new single. Fresh from touring with Black Country, New Road and a year of release silence, ‘Hands of Man’ arrives with new found choral strength and all the experimental rock that we’ve come to expect.

What They Said: “The lyrics weren’t heavily inspired by a narrative in the traditional sense – more a noted feeling of the time, years passing much quicker than you’d like but trying to use them wisely to work on yourself and the way you are to others. We tend to shy away from lyrics that tell an obvious story and rely on themes that evoke a feeling or image, coupled with what feels the most exciting phonetically. The decision to make the final chorus sung in unison by all 4 singers of the band was to create a powerful and united sound which exaggerates the feeling of the song and repetition of the lyrics. This sort of vocal is a styling that Ugly have been exploring in other tracks alongside exploration into harmonically and rhythmically challenging vocals which is slowly becoming the band’s forte.”


Dec 11 – London – 100 Club

Photo: Luca Pellegrino

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