Listen: Katy J Pearson Returns With New Single ‘Talk Over Town’ And Shares Details Of Her Second Album

Unloading a plethora of gifts for lovers of everything Katy J Pearson, we have been given not only details of an upcoming album, but also a new single: ‘Talk Over Town’, with an accompanying video. The album in question is titled ‘Sound of the Morning’ and will be released via Heavenly Recordings on the 8th of July.

‘Talk Over Town’ is another sweetly vulnerable single that only adds to the charm of Pearson’s discography. After the raging success of her debut album, ‘Return’, Katy has collaborated with a range of established artists, with this upcoming album produced by Ali Chant and Dan Carey. This seemingly instant rise to success is what is addressed in ‘Talk Over Town’. Under the umbrella of her familiar manner, she addresses the recent experience of being “Katy from Gloucester” but then also “being Katy J Pearson who’s this buzzy new artist”. A hurdle of self-doubt and insecurity that is undoubtedly inevitable, with a surge of newfound admirers.

The track is carried by a whimsical upbeat guitar riff, a steady drum groove, and is enhanced by sporadic synthy hums. Katy’s alluring voice stars in this track, with her vocal range being stretched from the low notes of the verses, to the high-head voice of the track’s busy close. Having been branded before as having a “Kate Bush-meets-Dolly Parton vocal delivery’, the uniqueness of her tone continues to impress; sitting comfortably atop the sweet country pangs of the instrumentals.

‘Talk Over Town’s’ video is the perfect representation of its topic. As we watch Katy grapple with a professional photoshoot- in which she switches between this professional artist, to what we can assume is her comfortable and jokey true self. Addressing the pressure of having separate personas, is even represented visually by a shot with three little Katys sitting side by side, all performing the same part. This idea is relayed all whilst boasting gorgeous looks, and appealing uses of colour, proportions and shape.

The overall execution of ‘Talk Over Town’ and other tracks of Katy’s, is grand, to say the least. With so many layers and little additions that make it feel so explosive, but in the most gentle way. Described as “the musical equivalent of an arm around the shoulder”, Katy’s newest album promises to continue her tendency to approach all of the sweetness and bitterness of life, with her charming and warming disposition.

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