Watch: Katy J Pearson shares new single ‘Hey You’

Even before the release of ‘Tonight’, her debut single with Heavenly, Katy J Pearson has possessed this unmatchable and immediate ability to transport you to a world, not much unlike ours, that offers such clear-spoken sentiment and sensibility that you are unequivocally and cathartically cleansed by listening.

There’s an unspoken empathy that breathes heavily throughout all of Katy’s music – with ‘Hey You’, her new single, being no exception, offering a shoulder to cry on while you both try and work out your place in the world.

The plainspoken yet distinctive imagery Katy conjures wraps a duvet around you, takes you to a place of understanding and when ready, nudges you along to a place you feel is in the right direction. It may not have all the answers itself, but it damn sure won’t give up on you when you need it most.

It’s not just in the narrative that a feeling of unity and togetherness reigns. The warmth of the slowly simmering arrangements, floating along a breeze of acoustics and subtle keys, envelopes you in a such an unstated way that you can’t help but fall for its nurtured notions. It’s subtle, unstrained and blissfully effortless.


Header Photo by Sharon Lopez