Watch: Katy J Pearson unveils the empowering anthem ‘Take Back The Radio’

What’s been so invigorating about Katy J Pearson’s work so far is her unquestionable ability to write so empathetically from such a personal perspective.

Her songs unconsciously capture a knotty feeling of hope and understanding, melancholy and doubt, like a particularly anxious day where your mood can take you on all manner of paths. But what always remains is that defining image of the light at the end of the tunnel, that everything will all work out in the end, no matter how much inner turmoil or self-reflection we have to go through. With Katy’s music, you’re never alone.

‘Take Back The Radio’ is a playful exploration on the yearning wholeheartedness of her songwriting – finding further value in atmospheric keys and striking brass and moulding them into a poppier cast. Yet that’s where the power in Katy’s songwriting lies – she can fashion it in various ways and the core foundation of connectivity remains.

What ensures their authenticity is Katy’s now familiar steadfast assuredness – where her contemporaries may wallow in the weight of the narrative, Katy is positively combative – lucid and direct and positively biting in her lower register. Texturally it works beautifully, the determination gratified by the sheer vindication that erupts as the track unfolds.

That grandiose rapture that they build towards is like a carnival – all whirling synths, emotive and lingering cornet (provided here by Laurie from Squid) and Davey Newington’s jovial backing accompaniment. As they revolve, Katy breaks out from the chains of isolation and restriction with her enrapturing voice – finding a contemporary anthem for a massive celebration of togetherness.

Another rich fulfilling delight from KJP – one that’s leading to a seriously substantial first full-length.

Header Photo by Olivia Clapp

We speak to Katy J Pearson in the new issue of So Young which is out now. It’s SOLD OUT in print but you can read the digital edition below.