Watch: Katy J Pearson shares video for debut single ‘Tonight’ via Heavenly Recordings

Katy J Pearson has this instinctual ability to immediately welcome you into her world.

Vividly immersive in her songwriting and downright arresting in performance, Katy stands out not only because of her instantly eye-opening voice, but the direct and steadfast clarity in her nature – grounded, unguarded and unquestionably congenial.

‘Tonight’, her debut single, is the perfect introduction into Katy’s curiosities – a jovial, upbeat pop song with heartfelt notions of finding romance on the dance floor. It’s bounding infectiousness is only made more endearing by the natural, tender melancholia that simmers throughout – two flawed, vulnerable characters finding one another and the anxiety and excitement that that future could possibly hold.

This doesn’t take anything away from the warmth and hope in her music either – as charming hooks and swathes of trumpet and violin mingle seamlessly, the bounding sense of exhilaration from desire once again comes to the fore – showing Katy’s uncanny aptness in capturing all nature of emotions through her arresting sound.

We catch up with Katy J Pearson in Issue Twenty-Two. You can find it here.

Header photo by Seren Carys