Listen: Kentucky’s Wombo Return with ‘Slab’ and Announce New EP

Ahead of their first ever UK/European tour, Kentucky’s Wombo share ‘Slab’ and announce new EP of the same name via Fire Talk records – due 9th June.

Like a candle’s flame, flickering, calm but untethered – or like a somnambulant, wading through the shadows of candlelight in the fits of their own feverish dreaming – Wombo’s world is an engrossing, eldritch surrealscape of comforting horrors; familiar but strange – friendly but aloof.

Wombo inside Issue Forty-Two. Grab a copy here.

Possessing an oddly ethereal and disembodied vulnerability, ‘Slab’s’ direct, unpretentious post-punk jabs blaze a ponderous trail, one that looks down on itself, lost and astray questioning all the straying molecules and fibres of disjointed reality. All the theoretical aggressions of its acidic, gun-barrel guitar zaps, chug-a-chug drum ticks and bass punctuations, are in practice, weirdly soft and  gently unsettling – Like being bitten by a sea of ghosts or lost in a graveyard’s clotted mist. 

Defining the tone with eerie statements of disarming simplicity…”I’m a concrete slab…I was in a field, I had a camera on me….” the wispy vocals of Sydney Chadwick, hand-hold us through all the craziness, in less than 2 minutes too.

Photo by Fallon Frierson

The new issue of So Young is out now. You can purchase in print here or read the digital edition below.