Watch: King Krule embraces the lows on ‘Alone, Omen 3’

King Krule has always had a way with a word, his grunted turn of phrase belying the keen and profound notions that litter his work like a well hidden lucky dip – unearthing a gem after a little hard graft.

New single ‘Alone, Omen 3’, the second to be taken from ‘Man Alive!’, pulls back the drapes a little further, shedding a little more light on where Archy Marshall is in the world and within his own state of mind.

Experiences with depression are personal to everyone, we can attempt to break away and forcefully combat it or we can, for better or worse, embrace it – and we are all exposed to it differently when we come out on the other side. With the track, Marshall seemingly finds himself exploring that notion – grateful for the new-found clarity yet aware of its all-enveloping grasp. – “Battle through it it, consume it, then let it go, girl.”

The drums tick nonchalantly as if embodying the passing of time, uncontrollable and all too consuming – as Marshall washes it off him, he commends its longevity – Take a ticket, take the train to the end of the line – see where you can go, expend it, it’s plastic, do or die”. 

A beautiful moment of lucidity.

Header Photo – ‘Alone, Omen 3’ video directed by Jocelyn Anquetil