Listen: Krush Puppies Share New Single ‘Love Kills The Demons’

South London’s Krush Puppies, the latest signing to Holm Front, feel like the unwrapping of an intimate secret. With it’s mystifying blend of disparate genres, every fleeting second of  ‘Love Kills the Demons’ – the first tease of their upcoming EP of the same name- threads you closer towards some ineffable, far-flung truth.

Meeting you straight-forwardly at first, in a sugared-up honey-grunge jangle, the track swiftly mutates into spellbound.  A shadowy flute rasps and rambles, fuzz cranks up from a parallel realm, vocals distort with unassuming rapture. 

Like a rain of pebbles fracturing a still-water-surface, those purified melodies precipitate into beguiling psych-folk mystery; a paradox of effortless pop charm, and intangible sagacity. When the song twilights, and reprises it’s opening refrain, there’s little that’s been altered- musically speaking. Yet, the underlying atmospheres have been indelibly weirded; the very progress of sounds itself enacting a kind of conjuration spell, powered by Krush Puppies own potent arcana. 

Putting everything else to one side, ‘Love Kills The Demons’ clutches to it’s a chest  – by the band’s own admission, one soppy sentiment; a song giving thanks to the security of sleeping with a trusted lover by your side. While this message might not assuage loners the world-over, at least it provides a psychedelic lullaby to comfort those that bed under solitary moons.

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