Watch: L.A. Peach shares ‘Daddy (Aren’t You Pleased to See Me)’ Live on Peter’s Boat

North London based L.A. Peach, like the great river Thames, only gets fuller, and more iconic with time.

Having swoon-streamed into our lives with the release of their debut EP earlier this year, (‘Come on Over and Test Me’ via Sad Club Records) their latest venture ‘Daddy (Aren’t you Pleased to See Me)’ live, brings us all the boogied buoyancy of their infamous shows but now, with a fixed and FULLY FLEDGED 6-piece band and, their mate Peter’s boat.

There’s sweet talkin’ and extreme closeups a-plenty with this nugget-ed number.

Speaking of the inspiration behind, front-crooner John quotes: “Peter and I had been chatting about the possibility of doing a live session on his boat for a quite a while, as we both wanted to redefine the Yacht Rock genre”; this is ‘Peel session’s’ for today’s hip shakers and fans of wearing oversized jackets whilst docked in Tottenham. What’s not to get on board with?