Listen: Lacuna Common return with new single ‘Learn to Feel’

Oxford’s Lacuna Common are very aware of the long-term societal impact a bad haircut can have on a head. So in-tune are they with their buzz, one might dare to suggest that there is a level of warning being weaved into our now, dissatisfaction packed subconscious; but, who are we to question?

Choppy, full of highlights and, with enough strength to run a comb through the intricately knotty mess that is toxic masculinity (for that is the true meaning of it all) the group’s latest single ‘Learn To Feel’ is surely, a total intricately indie-dreamboat minus the vanities.

No tune is complete without repeated emphasis just for good measure. Motivated-ly ambitious like the utter urgency of not being able to untie the laces of your trainers post-sprint, you’ll have to sit down for a minute to restructure and recover after this one as it punk-tinged-perfectly pounds your head with riotous reflections until you have to take note.

Lacuna Common are truly, a crew cut from their own quota core. With their guidance, at least we can now Learn To Feel.