Listen: Lambrini Girls Release New Single ‘Help Me I’m Gay’

Crawling out from Brighton’s underground music scene, ‘Help Me I’m Gay’ punches with the exact demeanour you’d expect from a band named Lambrini Girls.

Addressing societal boundaries whilst not taking themselves too seriously, Lambrini Girls have been garnering attention since their first single releases in 2021. Their newest rager, ‘Help Me I’m Gay’, has grabbed their onstage persona by the neck and plunged it into 3-minutes of raucous sarcasm. From the outset, the choppy riffs and feverish drums shove the track forward as Phoebe Lunny leans into her blunt and confessional lyricism.

When talking about the track, the band say: “This song is about the trivialisation of queer people. Shag whoever you want, don’t let anyone put you in a box and if you do ever find yourself in one, then know you can shag your way out of it”. Fanatics for fluidity and authentic expression, ‘Help Me I’m Gay’ is just one way in which Lambrini Girls have used their maniacal delivery and outrageous humour to assert their space as one that is intolerant of judgement. Lambrini Girls are an exciting force in every sense, they are effortlessly enjoyable and completely necessary.

Photo by Libby Malandrone

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