Listen: LA’s Automatic Share Latest Single ‘New Beginning’

The Motorik rhythms found on CAN’s ‘Moonshake’ and NEU!’s ‘Isi’ are propulsive with optimism and escapade, but Automatic’s Branson-esque drive on ‘New Beginning’, suggests that skedaddling Planet Earth is more necessary than we thought; even if it leaves us circling the sticks of space.

‘New Beginning’ is for the generation hiding from adventure Capitalism behind a wall of CBD-infused seltzers. Lyrics such as “Oh, we look for safety/Theres only empty space”, are delivered coldly; and you get the feeling that Automatic, are as genuinely cynical as they sound. Channeling Ripley in the final scenes of Alien, Automatic reach full tension and potential in the outro of the track; finally resorting to an ominous guitar riff and more Tubeway Army synths.

Automatic recognise that new beginnings are only available for the privileged few, and even then they’re not guaranteed to succeed. The music video progresses and green goo gets coughed up- temperatures drop, dials break, and basically it all goes wrong. Perhaps there’s some kind of comfort that this is the fate of those fleeing Earth? Especially, when they’re the people who made it so flee-able.

Photo by Logan White

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