Listen: Lazarus Kane releases debut track ‘Narcissus’ via Speedy Wunderground

Way back in early ‘96, a surly whipper snapper by the name of Lazarus Kane was parading the streets of downtown U S of A ~ not a dime to his name and boasting songs that seemingly wouldn’t ever see the light of day, he’d remain basically an unknown genius. For all this, Lazarus’ reputation precedes him ~ word is him and James Taylor would put on bareknuckle boxing matches through ‘88 in south Alabama, with Lazarus’ prize Pontiac the winner’s reward ~ he never lost a fight, that’s only hearsay mind.

So why, in 2019, is arguably the greatest unknown in popular music history now receiving the credit he deserves? Through a dusty old cassette reaching the hands of a certain Mr Dan Carey of Speedy Wunderground. ‘Narcissus’, a bold, sly and arousing introduction ~ is the next in label’s series of ingenious singles ~ and is perhaps their most devious and compelling yet.

‘Narcissus’ is a seedy, cocksure and damn right infectious hit. A rock steady electric beat evolves into a 7-minute groove, plied with flirting, liquid guitar and hip-popping acidic percussion to the point where you can actually taste the sweat that’s dripping off the walls. Dan Carey’s ability to capture the perfect moment has perhaps never been so fully realised, the way the group clicks into the mind-melding outro is utterly hedonistic – joyful in its sheer creative freedom.

Brace yourselves, Mr Kane has entered the building.

Header Photo by Holly Whitaker