Listen: Leeds Experimental Collective HONESTY Share Debut Single ‘U&I’/ ‘TUNE IN TUNE OUT’ via Partisan Records

Today sees experimental collective HONESTY release their debut double A-side ‘U&I’ and ‘TUNE IN TUNE OUT’, accompanied by their announcement of signing to Partisan.

The first material released since the collective first began to form back in 2020, these tracks propel HONESTY into the world with a clear and assured sense of self. Refusing to be bound by genre or fall into tropes, the tracks swell and ooze as they trawl through vivid emotions and unspoken truths. 

‘U&I’ sees vocalist Imi Holmes murmur and wail, distorting her voice to become another instrument that can be altered and contorted to the track’s requirements. Snippets of familiarity peek through the alluring, alien world of sound, providing moments of grounding before the track veers in unexpected and enthralling directions. 

‘TUNE IN TUNE OUT’ introduces George Mitchell as lyricist. Across both the singles no individual member takes the forefront, instead using the project as a celebration of collaboration and a way to distance the ego from the art. Vivid, enticing visuals accompany the track, pairing with the lyrical explorations of isolation and uncertainty to establish the song, and the wider project, as a fascinating and mysterious world.  


Photo by Barney Maguire

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