Listen: Leeds’ Van Houten Share New Single ‘Coming Of Age’

Leeds’ Van Houten Share New Single ‘Coming Of Age’.

Dreamy guitars and expressive vocals float around your eardrums in the latest single by Leeds based Van Houten, who have perfected the blend of psychedelic rock and bedroom pop. ‘Coming of Age’ is full of hopeful themes like growing and moving forward with your life – which all culminates into a breezy alternative track as the chorus calls out that there’s “still so much to say”.

The low-fi sound of the single starts with a quiet sense of discomfort, before leaping into the bolder and more confident shouts for their future, showing the changing attitudes and newfound feeling of security. It’s a great new single from the band that easily showcases a divert in their usual sound, clearly stronger and better than before. The alternative and shoegaze-y elements are still very present, but you can tell they’ve been rounded out and perfected with care from the band, all for a more stable song that will hopefully represent the rest of the tracklist on their upcoming album too.

With the release of ‘Coming of Age’, Van Houten have found their footing through creating their own signature version of alternative guitar rock, which elevates the genre and creates the perfect sense of aspiration for listeners.

Photo by Sarah Oglesby

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