Listen: Legss announce new EP with new single ‘On Killing a Swan Blues’

Welcome to London. Your indoctrination into society will now begin, please hand in your pamphlets and prepare yourself to join the potent zealousness of our capitalistic complex. Give birth into our oppressive sect. Is this purgatory or reality?

With new single ‘On Killing a Swan Blues’, Legss reintroduce themselves with feverish discernment on the condition of society and the self. They possess a deftness that defies the pugilist faux-nihilism of the elected voices for something more sinister, acidic and evidently more impactful.

Ned Green churns the gurgling pot of dystopian night terrors and incumbent London realities into a sulphurous, sweating perception of contemporary society. It’s buoyed by the acrimonious divorce of sound that punctures its way into the frame – an itching sore that infects itself instantly and without notice. Starved by sleep and weighed down by the perpetual cycle of the Information Age – it’s vitality reigns in its surrealism, or its stark perception of it within the normalcy of the world.

As we scream primally into nothing for some sort of motivational yet indignant therapy – our consignation from birth just becomes deeper rooted into permanence. This is our lifeblood, are we really even here?

Header photo by Will Reid

The brand new issue of So Young is out now. It’s sold out in print but you can read the digital edition below.