Listen: Lewsberg Share New Single ‘Six Hills’

Re-surfacing as the reigning, deranged-dream syndicates of the Dutch underground, Lewsberg release ‘Six Hills’; a dead-pan spectacle two years in the making.

Much like the brazened-charm that chases, and traces, the creases of a buzzy word-of-mouth, Lewsberg tick all the boxes for ultimate cool. Merging Euro-chic with NYC Boheme, in ‘Six Hills’ the quartet have effortlessly crafted a motley wormhole of timeless inspiration and engineering; one to particularly watch out for when taking a trip down the temptation inside your internalised friction.

Wonky, weird, and far too short, by dancing on the parallels between white-light soundscapes and municipally chugged introspect, Lewsberg are able to paint an immensely immersive self-portrait of impeccable nonchalance. Just be sure to take a step back before treading the thin line.

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