Listen: Lime Garden Share New Single ‘Sick & Tired’

Brighton’s genre-bending quartet, Lime Garden, sign to So Young Records and share their latest offering ‘Sick & Tired’. 

Following on from the success of their exhilarating-disco anthem ‘Fever’, Lime Garden take a wistful stumble towards melancholia in ‘Sick & Tired’; mixing lo-fi sincerity with the anxieties of getting older into an experimentally-trimmed dream-scape of self-assured addictiveness.

If anyone were to challenge the character-consumption of modernity, Lime Garden would forever be the ideal companionly candidate’s. A little bit dazed yet rightfully restless, they craft collective lustre out of mundanity; the end result lying somewhere between the Electronica driven Alt-Rock of Yves Tumor, and the tactically-eruptive fizz of organic soda left outside during a woozy summer’s heatwave. 

Anxiety sit’s at the forefront of the mind and throbs with hooked pulse. Sprawling in at just under three-minutes, ‘Sick & Tired’ is a pastel-toned-trip which appears infinite- like trying to keep your footing as you drift down the stairs of a double-decker bus heading somewhere, anywhere, but back towards the past. 

In the company of Lime Garden, all will be well and ‘Sick & Tired’ is for anyone who wishes to break-free for a little while, and for those who’ve already let go.

Pre Order the 7″ vinyl of ‘Sick & Tired’ here.

Photo by Percy Walker-Smith

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