Listen: Gently Tender unveil debut single ‘2 Chords Good’

London has a new band, and it’s probably the most exciting the city has seen in a while. From the ashes of Palma Violets, Sam Fryer, Will Doyle and Pete Mayhew team up with The Big Moon’s, Celia Archer and London scene creative, Adam Brown to unveil Gently Tender. ‘2 Chords Good’ is their debut offering via Big Score Records and front man, Sam Fryer explains a little more about the track and it’s title…

“The song is essentially me replaying that moment in my mind, and almost kicking myself about my average and weak response [‘Probably yeah’] to her question, ‘Are you going to put some more chords on your new album?’ The song is me talking to myself … and making excuses like I was feeling ‘kinda stressed that day’. I had been suffering with anxiety at the time of the meeting, but as I gradually formulate what the answer should have been, I cultivate pictures in my mind of visions and scenes that move me; memories of ‘golden evenings’ and ‘sunlit canals’ and songs that I have loved.”

‘2 Chords Good’ taps into all of the sounds we loved about Palma Violets, sounds that invoke the images of the English countryside and beyond, whilst adding a pulp-esque swagger we haven’t seen from Sam Fryer before and euphoric moments which could sit on Blur’s ‘The Great Escape’.

Gently Tender headline The Lexington on September 26th and you can listen to their new single below.