Listen: Insecure Men

If you follow any of Saul Adamczewski’s online escapades you’ll be well aware that a new project of his has come to fruition in the shape of a covers album with new band, ‘Insecure Men’. Just about as DIY as you can get, the album was swiftly recorded and put online for all to enjoy, not too dissimilar from the way he put out the Fat Whites’ Champagne Holocaust in 2013 on bandcamp… and we all know how that ended up… We caught up with Saul to see where the idea came from.

Your first release as Insecure Men is a covers album, will there be any original songs in the future?

I have this keyboard I’m in love with. It’s called a Yamaha pss-560 and it makes good sounds. So I thought I’d play some all time classics on it. Wicked Games was alright. And Sail Away to the Sea that was alright too. And yes I have made an album of original songs. This project actually goes back to before the Fat Whites. I’ve always wanted to make music that’s a little bit more sad I guess. It’s part lift music, part exotica and part penge (best part of London)

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 13.54.08

How did you choose this group of songs for the covers album?

I asked the public but their answers were shit. My friend Hala suggested I sing Rainy Night in Soho and my friend Fiona suggested Wicked Games. The rest are just some of my favourite tunes. Vol 2 coming soon. Got some Neil Young and Frank Sinatra. It’s all bollocks really. But it’s free!

Is this a way for you to revisit some of your earlier influences?

Yeah I guess so. Pre Country Teasers and The Fall and The Make Up being the only bands I listened to. Yes. I’m 28 but I feel like I’m 40, I’m too frail for rock n roll. I want to sit down and play.

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How did Streets of Philadelphia find it’s way in there?

No other reason than it being a great tune. Beautiful.. simple. The boss at his best. God bless him.

Following you online, these songs seemed to come together reasonably quickly and released as soon as they were ready, is that a refreshing process having been in a band for the last few years where there are external factors in place that take these powers out of your hands?

I recorded them using the mic in my Ipad, I didn’t put much effort into the recording process. If you’re asking about record labels and stuff then I don’t know. It’s probably some violation for me to record these and put them online. I’ll take my time with the album. That’s more important. In the meantime I’ll do some pathetecist covers every now and then.

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What does Insecure Men look like live? Is it just you or is it a full band?

There’s a 10 piece band and then there’s me.. I can play solo or with 2 of them or all of them. It’s good. It’s me and Ben from Childhood really and then whoever else is available. Have a different band in America too. A cool dude called Jon catfish de Lorene. He’s cool.

How did you come up with the name, Insecure Men?

I didn’t.. it was a joke floating around for years. A pretend boy band at one point. The original name someone came up with was Insecure Men who look at their phones too much. It’s a little bit more catchy now. I’m happy.

When can we expect more releases?

The album will be mixed in March and then released and toured. Wanna tour sit down working men’s clubs. We’ll see how it goes.

Photography by Fiona Godivier