Listen: South Coast Grunge Gazers Mystic Peach Release New Single

Down on the south coast shrouded in mystery you can find the dark psychedelic sounds of Mystic Peach encased within Southampton’s ever growing music scene. With a live show thats become synonymous with deafening riffs and an intensity that will have you looking on in awe as the 3 piece cocoon you with their riotous sounds.

As they prepare to embark on a flurry of dates before the year is out, the Peaches have released their second single ‘Across the Pond’ via Honeymooner Records. The track boasts a thunderous bass line which is a mainstay in Mystic Peach’s arsenal as well as the almost evil sounding vocals from frontman Curtis Gale finished off by a creepy giggle to keep you on your toes. ‘Across the Pond’ shows off the bands shoe gaze inspirations while packing a punch with it’s abrasive rock chorus. As the hype builds around the band, they are yet again able to back it up with a captivating track that blends everything that makes Mystic Peach a force to be reckoned with.

We’ve added ‘Across The Pond’ to The So Young List which you can find on Spotify here.