Listen: Sleaford Mods return with ‘Stick in a Five and Go’

Sleaford Mods are back and have announced a self titled EP which is due to be with us in September.  Lead single ‘Stick in a Five and Go’ is the bands first offering since 2017’s top 15 album, ‘English Tapas’. Since signing to Rough Trade, Sleaford Mods haven’t changed the formula,  They’ve just simplified it with Frontman, Jason Williamson and beats master, Andrew Fearn taking a more ‘to the point’ approach in recent releases. This is the case for ‘Stick in a Five and Go’ where Sleaford Mods address the world of social media and the mini wars we can create in an instant if we are bored / want to neglect our kids and home life enough. In this instance, Jason decides to jump in the car are hunt down a chap from Leeds who threatens him with a smack. Next thing he’s lost the plot and ended up on the doorstep of ‘Mr Twitter’ with a ‘parcel’ he has to sign for. If the video for this isn’t a real life representation of the situation then we’ll be very disappointed. With the EP due on September 14th, Jason expands on its topics.

“The lead tracks are mostly full of violent tendencies that only transpire through imagination. People are powerless under the political monster and the intense anger and frustration morphs into illusions of attacking each other through the bravado of social media, depression and paranoia.”

Listen to ‘Stick in a Five and Go’ below.