Listen: Warmduscher punch you in the ear with new one ‘Standing On The Corner’

South London oddballs, Warmduscher, are known for mixing abrasive garage rock with all sorts of sonic weirdness. Their new track, released on Friday, has the boys displaying their talent for picking up the idiosyncrasies of different genres, and molding them together to make for an epic punch in the ear. ‘Standing On The Corner’ opens with baselines so funky they’d make William Onyeabor weep, whilst frontman Clams Baker brings some tight rap lines that only highlight the sheer danceability of the track. As the funk baseline builds to a crescendo, R’n’B-esque lyrics ‘your love lifts me higher’, turn into a wave of terror as they ride over the ominous guitar tones so synonymous with the South London scene.

With a mix of funk and rap and a dash of post-punk, Warmduscher have written a song you can really get down to, whilst the underlining sense of menace and havoc has the boys maintaining their distinctive sound of sonic destruction.

Have a listen and let it melt your eardrums.