Listen: Liverpool’s Dog Sport Share New Single ‘Cylinders’

From England, Ireland and Vietnam;  now settled in the urban-industrial sprawl of Liverpool, shoegazers Dog Sport share the enthralling head-rush of debut single ‘Cylinders’.

Howling stupendously across the night, Five-piece Dog Sport uncage veritable vortices of feverish horrors. Swallowing your fears and spitting them out in ravaged chunks of scowling riffs,  ‘Cylinders’ drenches Shame-esque vocals in the lysergic warps of 90s-style shoegaze psychedelia – with a grungy bark and ghoulish bite.

Documenting singer Jack O’Neill’s long hours working in construction – the lack of work/life balance affecting his relationships, his desires, and mental well-being – ‘Cylinders’ is suitably monochromatic in its sullen moods yet bursting with beaming, vibrant ambition. The dream-like lyrical fragments here  – “I’d kiss you if i could // there’s not enough room // fall slowly in the light, let the body consume” – fall away into each other with ever-fresher mystery, pluming up those misty airs of suspense

Sticking their head above the parapet with such a punch-packed debut as this, this latest in a line of excellent ‘Dog’ themed bands have already hinted at making a name all for themselves.

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