Listen: London Newbies Lobby Share Debut Single ‘in the wall’

London Newbies Lobby Share Debut Single ‘in the wall’.

Formed by Lottie Pendlebury of Goat Girl and Toby Evans-Jesra of leather.head, Lobby is a project born out of their mutual love for wistful, folk-ruffled slowcore. Humbly-spun and yarned with love, their debut release, “in the Wall” is a delicate and powerful thing.

Despite its array of shadowy adumbrations, and its sense of slowly encroaching threat  -”There’s a hole in the wall”; “There’s needles on the floor”; “There’s a hungry pack of dogs” are some of the lyrics –  ‘In the Wall’ has its heart full to bursting. The track oozes with a steadfast defiance that impresses its sensualities hot onto your soul. As the violins make intimate conversation with the syrupy saxophone, and the synths supplied by Jacob Read (Jerkcurb/Horsey) conjure their ambiguous atmospheres, the listener is cuddled and caressed with a soothing, empathetic soundscape, akin to the styling of Joseph Futak or Caroline.

The emotional heaviness here is palpable, but constructive: pregnant with the weird kind of relief that comes from spilling out some of your deepest terrors out into the world. It’s like filtering the dry earth through your fingers, watching the sands of ties sift within the hour-glass – it’s being acutely aware of  fragile mortality yet empowered by it, nobly driven towards ecstatic resolution.

Photo by Josh Evans-Jesra

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