Listen: London Quartet Legss Return with New Single ‘The Landlord’

Back with their first single of 2023, London Art-Rock four-piece, Legss, lay down their new track ‘The Landlord’, gushing with manic drums, guitar paranoia and a fuelling fire.

A picturesque single inspired by the urban scenes of London and a plethora of literary/visual works demonstrates a tribute to the hard-knock life and realism of how the world spins.

Beginning with a gut-punching soliloquy to the bewailing gap between artistic expression and historical payoff, lead vocalist, Ned Green, portrays a protagonist whose biggest regret is wasting time on work. The track brings life to the saying ‘live to work or work to live’, and the deep realisation that at the end of the day, your dream job is still just a job.

There’s an unsettling theme of life creeping up on you and time flying by, which is matched by the honest lyrics and ominous rhythm. Once the end of the tune is reached, a motif of “I’m taking a break” leads into “Break me”, and all of a sudden you’re deepening your life choices.

“It’s a product of privilege to presume you’re owed some sort of legacy” Green explains, “The balancing act of careerism and creativity leads you to this realisation, and that whatever you’re trying to achieve creatively is probably not going to have the lasting legacy you imagined for it.”

Photo by Will Reid

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