Listen: London’s Bishopskin Share New Single ‘Hey Little Sister’

With a stirring, swerving singular violin melody, Bishopskin usher in the latest of their unusual and rousing tracks with their new single ‘Hey, Little Sister.’ Much like the eclectic discography that has preceded it, the track veers in unexpected directions, rallying between moments of tender familiarity and animated exploration.

There is a sense of tradition and wisdom behind the creations of Bishopskin, as if they are crafting music on a whole other level. There is the humour and playfulness often found in traditional folk, but darker modern tones residing underneath. The voice is as much an instrument as the cacophony of instruments surrounding it, with masculine and feminine vocals intertwining and elevating each other.  

Bishopskin’s sound is wholly unique, it feels equally as feasible as something you could stumble upon in a pub from a fable as much as a modern, dingy punk venue. The band embrace this folksy, storytelling persona, with frontman Tiger Nicholson describing the track’s inspiration as having being drawn from his twin sister and “this image of us as little children in a big row boat straining on bended oars against this enormous green marbled sea.” 

There is an intricate toying with the duelling elements of folklore in the track, from the familial ties and nuances of ancestral relationships to an exploration of lush imagery and visuals of pastoral life. Violins, harmonica and orchestral harmonies provoke memories of traditional blues, but the eccentricity is cut through with a driven bassline and contemporary poetic lyricism which propel the track into the modern day. 

The band’s live performances act as a showcase for the elaborate details of Bishopskin as an act, veering between religious semi-archaic moments of stillness and intoxicatingly energetic explosions of folk. ‘Hey, Little Sister’ sees the band tease further at what their future holds, with their debut album looming on the horizon, scheduled for release before the end of the year via Isolar Records.  

Photo by Spela Cedilnik

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