Watch: London’s Blackaby share visuals for ‘Lee’

There is a nostalgically timeless endearment to this number as ‘change becomes a thing’, becomes a moment of bliss that you’ll never forget first hearing. London based Blackaby share ‘Lee’.

Balm-ed in captured simplicities, ‘Lee’ tucks into airs of strawberry picking in solstice fields of dew, coffee smudges on the rim of your lovers favourite mug in the morning and lipstick kisses on winters-sun blushed cheeks. All it takes is three-minutes and our hearts are under spell of Jackanory inspiration.

Ambling subtly like a tended garden that’s still managed to be taken over by honeysuckle hummed adventures gone by, Lee is the most spirit evoking croon in a long while. A finger-plucked daydream for the mind, body and spirit, there’s just enough melancholic attention to steer the drowsy ear into realms of branchy reflections and lucky pennies in empty pools without overwhelming the heart- and it feels wonderful.

Blackaby is completely perfect; for all hours and seasons.