Listen: London’s Body Horror Share New Single ‘Bedwetter’ via Permanent Creeps

Hours of darkness descend upon North London, shadows come out to dance in worlds of debauchery with an insatiable hunger, and emerging alongside them is the return of Body Horror and their latest single ‘Bedwetter’.

The electro-driven punks come back harder, faster, and wetter than ever before. Now is the time for safe words and completely giving in to carnal indulgences. Opened by the relentless pulses of Bart William’s four-to-the-floor drums, that serves as the lifeblood flowing throughout this single’s veins, binding together the hedonistic chaos it embodies. It’s an afterparty pleasure fest where leather and flesh become one.

‘Bedwetter’ ravages within a realm of vulnerability; it’s about stripping away any pretence and “allowing yourself to get intimate with embarrassing truths.” Raw vocals writhe beneath Toby Fountain’s and Michael Hanley’s contorting hypnotic guitars; every breath begs to break free from its binds; a mixture of pain and unfiltered ecstasy floods Gethyn Thomas’ guttural panting. It’s dark, it’s dirty, it’s the distortion-soaked, tongue-in-cheek whisper you hear at night.

Now signed to Permanent Creeps, two years have passed since the release of the quintet’s debut single, ‘The Gimp’s Gimp’. The anticipation for more was becoming unbearable, constantly edged and teased for more by the buildup of fierce live performances where stages turn into their metaphorical playrooms. But they have now returned, dripping with industrial dominance.

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