Listen: London’s C Turtle Return with New Single ‘Have You Ever Heard A Turtle Sing?’

London quartet C Turtle sign to Blitzcat Records and share new single ‘Have You Ever Heard A Turtle Sing?’

Amplifying the lo-fi toylands of 2022’s sumptuous ‘This is not Karate’ EP into something altogether bolder, brasher, and more playfully defiant, the self-referential ‘Have You Ever Heard a Turtle Sing?’ sees the group swaggering towards a brave new era.

Sticking true to the analogue principles that have thus far defined them – This tune was recorded on a 24-track reel-to-reel – ‘Have You Ever Heard…’ has all C Turtle’s enigmatic charms pushed to their extremes. Unapologetically ferocious fretboard shredding, so stupidly outrageous as to be totally endearing. Cute, off-kilter lyrical blushes duetted by vocalists Cole Flynn Quirke and Mimi McVeigh like a stream of dry, deadpan jokes (“Have you ever heard a turtle sing // heavy metal?”). Monstrous, fuzzed-up Pavement-leaning grunge-outs. An insatiably catchy refrain. A coda that drifts abstractly into the weird wonderments of melodious piano and sampled television voices…

Whimsical in one sense, yet resolutely direct in another, it’s a delight for something so bad-ass to be so enchantingly fun.

Watch C Turtle perform a So Young x State51 Live session here.

Photo by Joel Kerr

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