Listen: London’s Daisy and the Deadheads Share New Single ‘I Hate The Sea’

London-based quartet Daisy And The Deadheads have released their debut single, ‘I Hate The Sea’, via Strong Island Recordings.

Daisy And The Deadheads have today released their debut single, ‘I Hate The Sea’, a wander into the world of mellow, jangly, indie-folk. Self described as “wonky folk pop”, there is an air of calmness across the entire track, one that nourishes an overarching sense of passivity. This mildness can be attributed in part to Daisy Tortuga’s (singer/guitarist) subdued vocal as she gently sings “I want to hate you […] you made me hate myself too”, but it can also be found in the track’s breezy, lightweight, and laid back instrumentation.

The quartet emerged when the live band around Tortuga’s previous project came together as an official project of its own, made up of Callum McHugh (guitar), Olive Ashford (bass), and Charlie Ratcliffe (drums). With the single artwork being an image of the beach that Tortuga found on a disposable camera from her youth, the track itself is branded in simplest terms a “break up song”, but also casts its mind back to her upbringing by the sea in Deal, Kent – a bittersweet and wistful reflection.

Photo by Hal Haines

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