Listen: London’s Deadletter Share New Single ‘Degenerate Inanimate’

Brace yourself for just 2 minutes 54 seconds of how a post-punk 6-piece deals with fake friendships and bitter realisations.

This latest track doesn’t fall short of the frequent groove-imposing melodies that we’re used to from Deadletter. Complete with sulky lyrics and a heavy topic, the team teach us all about self-coined term ‘Degenerate Inanimate’ and how it can be used in day-to-day life. Safe to say those combined words are now firmly stuck in my head and I can’t help but want to join in, shouting them from the top of my lungs once the chorus hits.

Lead singer Zac Lawrence explains that “Degenerate Inanimate alludes to the feeling of betrayal felt when someone close to you is revealed as dishonest to the bone. There’s a unique form of unease which arises from having your basic intelligence mocked, as they reveal their complete lack of decency.”

Sticking to the norm has never been a part of Deadletter’s DNA and again they’ve proven just why being meticulously unique or endearingly strange works for the rising London band. Gone are the days of heart-wrenching breakup songs about love and lust because a new, relatable story has arrived on the block.

Photo by Sal Redpath

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